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UKRS= United Kingdom Record Status, WRS=World Record Status


Updated: 01/06/18


2018 Competitions
Dates Host Round County Record status
Target Jan 6th – 7th 2018 Spelthorne Archers 31st Open Portsmouth Portsmouth Middlesex
Target Jan 21st 2018 Guildford AC Indoor Open WA 25 Surrey WRS
Target Jan 28th 2018 Ashford Archers Kent Indoor Champs Portsmouth Kent
Target Feb 3rd – 4th 2018 Middlesex CAA County Indoor Champs Portsmouth Middlesex UKRS
Target Feb 4th 2018 Arundown AC Triple Worcester Worcester Sussex
Target Feb 4th 2018 Gravesend Archers Shrimp Shoot Portsmouth Kent
Target Feb 4th 2018 Kestrels AC Worcester Tournament Worcester Bedfordshire UKRS
Marks Feb 10th – 11th 2018 Fraternity of St George Invicta Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Kent
Target Feb 15th 2018 Andover Archers   Saxon Shoot York/ Hereford Hants UKRS
Target Feb 17th 2018 Chessington Bowmen The King’s Cup WA18 Surrey WRS
Target Feb 18th 2018 Allington Castle Archers Spring Indoor Worcs/Ports Worcester Kent
Target Apr 15th 2018 Royal Richmond AC Pagoda Shoot Albion/Windsors Surrey UKRS
Target Apr 22nd 2018 Crystal Palace Bowmen Open Tournament York/Hereford/Bristols Kent UKRS
Target May 5th 2018 CSAA Longbow Champs County Longbow Championships  2-Way Western round Surrey
Clout May 7th 2018 Cheshire AA County FITA Clout Metric Double Cheshire UKRS
Target May 13th 2018 Kestrels AC York/Hereford/Bristols Bedfordshire UKRS
Target May 19th 2018 Lintman Archery Club Lintman Junior Open Westerns Windlesham
Clout May 20th 2018 Eastbourne Archers Fun Clout GNAS 1 Way Double Sussex
Wand May 20th 2018 Mole vally Bowmen Wand & Clout shoot Surrey
Field May 26th – 27th 2018 Archery GB All British Championships WA Combined Hampshire WRS
Target May 27th – 28th 2018 Middlesex CAA Spring Bank Holiday Tournament York/Hereford/Bristols Middlesex WRS
Target June 2nd 2018 CSAA Junior Champs County Junior Championships Metrics Surrey UKRS
Target June 2nd 2018 UK Masters Archery GB Lilleshall WA 70m & WA 50m + H2H Lilleshall WRS
Target June 3rd 2018 UK Masters Archery GB Lilleshall Gents & Ladies WA 1440 Lilleshall WRS
Target June 6th 2018 Guildford AC Take a Break St George/Albion/Windsor Surrey
Target June 10th 2018 CSAA Adult Champs County Adult Championships WA 1440/Metrics Surrey UKRS – WRS
Target June 17th 2018 Kent AA Champs Kent Championships WA 1440/Metrics Kent
Target June 23rd 2018 Guildford AC Junior Acorn Westerns Surrey
Target June 24th 2018 Mole Valley Archers 40th Sheila  Brown  Memorial York / Hereford /Bristol I-V Surrey
Target ?June CSAA  Inter Counties  Match WA 1440/Metrics
Target July 1st 2018 Eastbourne Archers Longbow/Barebow Tournament Westerns Sussex
Target July 14th 2018 AGB National Series leg 3 WA 70m & WA 50m + H2H Surrey UKRS
Target July 15th 2018 AGB National Series Leg 4 Gents & Ladies WA 1440 Surrey UKRS
Target July 14th 2018 Crawley AC Summer Tournament Inc Burntwood WA 1440/Metrics Sussex UKRS
Target July 15th 2018 Crawley AC Charity Shoot St George/Albion/Windsors Sussex WRS
Field Aug 11th – 12th 2018 Fort Purbrook CoB Field WA Combined Hampshire
Clout Aug 18th 2018 CSAA Clout Champs County Clout Championships
Target Aug 27th 2018 Guildford AC Acorn shoot Hereford and Bristols 1 to 4 Surrey UKRS
Target Sept 1st 2018 CSAA Longbow Champs County Longbow Championships  2-Way Western round Surrey
Target Sept 16th 2018 Woking Archery Club Open Tournament Hereford and Bristols 1 to 4 Surrey
Target Oct 21st 2018 Atkins Archers Soup Shoot Entry Westerns Surrey
Target Nov 3rd – 4th 2018 Hillingdon AC Target Awards Weekend WA 18 Middlesex
Field Nov 4th 2018 CSAA Field CSAA Field Championships National Animal Round Surrey
Target Nov 25th 2018 CSAA Indoor CSAA Indoor Championships Portsmouth Round Surrey
Target Nov 25th 2018 Archery GB XIII British Barebow Championships WA18 round UKRS