Surrey Team 15th May 2016

Team Manager Report on Surrey V Kent 15th May
So once again we faced Kent, we were on home ground this time (Chessington’s round) and we had a good turnout of archers. The last time we shot against Kent they came out on top, so we were going to try and turn the tables this time. We were able to enter, Compound, Recurve, Barebow, Longbow and Junior teams. The juniors were on handicap as they were all ages and bow types. Kent had much the same apart from a barebow team.
The weather was kind to us, only a little bit windy at times and the sun shone for most of the day.
Chessington were very helpful as they had offered us their ground to host the shoot and provided targets and the field crew with the help of one other helper from Thomas Wall Archers.
The judges were top rate and gave help and advice throughout the day.
One Kent compounder found that it can be a bit of a surprise when you draw up and your D loop comes undone, but a quick fix from Mr compound (our own Dave Morris) and the archer was shooting again.
Would also like to thank Lewis Wood from Surrey Bowmen, who built the excel workbook that we used today for the scoring / results, very helpful.
So how did we do? the results were:

Team Surrey Kent
Compound 5104 5221
Recurve 4350 4747
Barebow 3122 0
Longbow 1788 1842
Juniors 5715 4207
Overall 20079 16017

Surrey v Kent Inter county 15-05-16 Individual Scores


Team Manager CSAA