Inviting all Surrey Archers


SCAS are running an Indoor Teams League starting in January. There are 9 SCAS counties taking part.

All Surrey archers can submit their highest Portsmouth score shot between the 1st and 21st of the month, at this point we think it will run for January/February and March. All entries are to be sent to your club RO along with your scoresheet.  Club RO’s will submit scores direct to the Surrey Records Officer by the 26th of the month.

If you wish to be considered then shoot the round, submit your best score during the required periods and see if you make the team.

Any questions then please email Suzanna Franklin on or Bill Brown on


Details from the orgnaisers:


  • Round – Portsmouth
  • Straight league – All counties submitting and ranked in team order for each bow style.
  • Bowstyles –

▪ Recurve (8 archers to count)

▪ Compound (6 to count)

▪ Longbow (5 to count)

▪ Barebow (4 to count),

▪ Junior Mixed bow styles (8 to count). (Recurve – as scored, Longbow and Barebow plus 20% , Compound minus 10%)

  • If a county has no archers for a bow style, then they are not listed in that bow styles results for the month/league results.
  • All scores submitted will count, up to the maximum for that bow style. If less than the stated team size then the number of scores submitted will count.
  • All archers are expected to follow their counties normal submission criteria. All scores are submitted to the “SCAS Indoor Leagues Organiser” (SILO) by a County Officer/ Team Manager etc. No archers are to submit directly to SILO. Any scores submitted directly to the SILO will be ignored.
  • All scores submitted must be shot before the 21st and submitted to the SILO by the 28th of the month.
  • Scores submitted must list County, Archer, date shot, Score, Hits, xs
  • This year’s league is bragging rights only. Other years could possibly involve SCAS medals etc
  • All teams where possible, should be contain members of the opposite sex.


Suzanna Franklin

CSAA Records Officer


Bill Brown

Surrey CCO & Team manager