Surrey Coach of the Year 2019

If you wish to put forward a coach, for this year’s Coach of the Year, please send your nomination to the chair of Coach of the Year selection committee Mr Steve Patterson:

Nominations for coach of the year can be sent in from each member of CSAA.

The committee will require the following information about the coach.

How often do they coach?

Do they run any workshops and if so on what?

Do they attend any coach training sessions and if so which ones?

Why should their coach be Coach of the Year?

The coach of the year selection committee is be made up of a chair and five other coaches. The chair will receive all nominations and will remove all details that could identify the coach; then pass the nominations onto the other committee members. This means that it will be an unbiased choice that will be made.

Closing date for nominations is 12th February

The Coach of the year will be announced at this years AGM on Friday 22nd Feb

William Lanham-Brown

CCO for the CSAA