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Regulations for the Club team Postal League, Winter 2017-18, to be shot under G.N.A.S. rules.

The competition will be arranged by bowstyle and age in separate divisions as follows:
Seniors: Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow
Juniors 12+ (12-18): Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow
Juniors U12: Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow
This competition is open to Clubs affiliated to the County Association and to the archers affiliating through them. Archers may not shoot for more than one Club.
The recurve and compound round to be shot is 3 dozen arrows at 30 metres on the 80cm F.I.T.A. face. For Juniors under 12 the distance will be 20 metres. There will be 2 sighter ends of three arrows each. The longbow round will be a Warwick, shot one way with one end of 6 sighters on the 122cm F.I.T.A face. All rounds must be shot outdoors.
Senior teams will consist of 4 archers shooting recurve bows, 3 shooting longbows, and 2 archers shooting compound bows. Junior teams will consist of 3 archers shooting recurve bows, 3 shooting longbows, and 2 archers shooting compound bows. Divisions will consist of up to 6 teams, constructed on the basis of estimated team scores.
Matches will be shot once a month, from November to March, but may be shot one month in advance without advising opponents.
Only 1 attempt may be made per match per month. Archers in one discipline must all shoot on the same occasion, but compound, recurve and longbows may be shot on separate occasions to allow archers to shoot multiple bowstyles. Junior teams may shoot on separate occasions from Senior teams.
Scores must be returned to the Postal League Organiser within 5 days of shooting (e-mail is preferred). Late scores will not normally be accepted. Clubs should receive results within 2 weeks of the end of the month.
An award will be made to the winners of each Division.
Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish, but no club will have more than one team in any Division. The entry fee for each team will be £2, and this should be sent to the Postal League Organiser. Cheques should be made payable to the County of Surrey Archery Association. Entries and results should be sent to the Postal League Organiser by e-mail.

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