Level 1 Coaching Course

Thinking of becoming a level 1 coach and wish to undertaking a Level 1 coaching course?
Then contact Jim Tighe or Bill Brown as we have a course starting in May. See details below.

Level 1 coaching course.
Course no.: 17 L1 28
Venue: 1st Hook Scouts Hall, Verona Drive, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5AJ
Course Organiser: Jim Tighe & Bill Brown
Day 1: 27-May-17
Day 2: 18-Jun-17
Day 3: 23-Jul-17
Assessment: 16-Sep-17
Course fee: £240
Closing date: 14-Apr-17
Status: Open
E-mail: Jim tighejn@aol.com or Bill ccocsaa@hotmail.com

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