Indoor Inter County Friendly

Calling all Surrey Archers.

Indoor Intercounty friendly hosted by Kent : Saturday 25th November 2017.

Venue: Sittingbourne Community College, Kent

The round will be a Portsmouth with compound shooting on a 3 spot face. All other bow styles will shoot at a 60cm face. Teams are not age related so both junior and senior can put their scores forward for selection.

This year Surrey have set a minimum score requirement for score selection. Scores are to be from this year’s winter season (October 2017). These scores must be sent through to the County Records Officer from your Club Records Officer, together with links to external shoots and a copy of scoresheet from any scores shot at club. The last date for submission of scores is 30th October 2017.

For minimum score required please see below:

Gents Recurve: 575

Ladies Recurve: 560

Gents Compound: 582

Ladies Compound: 580

Gents Longbow: 485

Ladies Longbow: 455

Gents Barebow: 520

Ladies Barebow: 518


Suzanna Franklin

CSAA Records Officer

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