Crowd Funding

Dear CSAA friends,

Please might you be willing to help Eleanor and Louisa out by sharing this link to their Crowd Funding page?

Louisa has been a member of Woking AC since she was six year old and Eleanor since she was eleven years old. For the last four years they have trained six times a week to realise their goal of competing for GBR internationally but now, due to the loss of UK Sport funding and cuts to the Talent Pathway budget, they have to find an additional £250 a month each in order to stay on the AGB Talent Programme past the end of August.

As a family we have been in touch with several local sources of sponsorship, and the local press will also be covering the girls in the next week, so we are hopeful that help can be found but the more people that can help the better. Crowd Funding is all about a lot of people making a small difference which in turn makes a massive difference but we need help in spreading the word!

Thank you for your help (we hope you don’t mind us asking!),

Helen, Eleanor and Louisa Piper


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