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Here is a summary of the latest news in coaching. Please share this information with archers, coaches, and clubs in your area, who may find it useful.


New Workshops for Archers & COACHES

We have launched a new programme of workshops to support archers and coaches to continue their learning.

Each workshop will be delivered by some of the best national and international coaches in their field, and offer all archers and coaches the opportunity to stay up to date with current practice. The one and two-day events are delivered in friendly and supportive environments at local clubs across the UK, and are welcoming to all archers and coaches to attend, regardless of experience. If you have suggestions for other workshop topics, please let us know! The workshop topics will include:

  1. Introduction to the Technical Framework
  2. Coaching the Technical Framework
  3. Equipment Set-up and Tuning (recurve bows)
  4. Equipment Set-up and Tuning (compound bows)
  5. Tournament Performance and Strategies
  6. Pass it On: Coaching Archers with a Disability
  7. Equipment Craft Skills

Dates for workshops taking place in 2018 will be announced soon. For further details about each workshop and bookings please visit

To host an event, we are looking for clubs whose facilities we can hire either for a day or a weekend from 9am-5pm. The venue should be a comfortable, well maintained, friendly place with access to an indoor range, toilets, parking, disabled access, and a suitable space where people can sit down as a group for learning purposes, and be uninterrupted. The venue should be large enough to host 10-25 people attending a workshop. We are able to pay the club a venue hire fee. If you would like to host a workshop and have a venue in mind please contact with an idea of possible dates.

coaching plan for archery 2017-21

We have officially launched our Coaching Plan for Archery (2017-21).

We strongly believe that great coaches are essential pillars of support that enable people to fully experience enjoyment, progression and achievement in archery. That’s why we are committed to investing in coaching. The aim of the Coaching Plan for Archery (2017-21) is to provide coaching that is visible and vibrant in all places where archery happens.


It is our intention that by 2021 we will have strengthened the coaching system so that it develops people who are skilled at providing motivational coaching experiences, using a British framework. More people, particularly in their first two years in the sport, will have regular access to good quality coaching. The value of coaching and what it takes for it to thrive will be understood in more places. Data and insight will also be more effectively used to demonstrate the impact of coaching and inform our decision making.


To read the coaching plan in full please visit here.


monthly coaching report

apologies for the delay in sending this to you.

We have recently changed the CRM database used to manage our records and this has caused an unavoidable delay in sending you the monthly coaching report, including details of coaches in your area.

We apologise for the delay and we will send this to you as soon as possible.



new sport team & staff restructure

We have recently restructured, which has seen the creation of the new ‘Sport Team’.

The new Sport Team led by David Tillotson has been established to enable us to work more closely together to achieve Archery GB’s goals. The coaching team, led by Hannah Bussey, has also been reshaped and the staff, their role, and contact details are introduced below. You can reach us at or by phoning 01952 602795.

Coaching Systems Manager –  Hannah Bussey (

Coach Development Manager –  Lloyd Brown (

Coaching Support Officer – Barbara Barrett (

Administration Support Officer – Kate Dunnighan (

Coaching Business Coordinator – Nicky Hunt (

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